International Scholarship Benjamin A. Gilman Program Program
The U.S State's Department International Scholarship Benjamin A. Gilman is a program that help students of limited resources to realize a study or do internships abroad to acquire skills and knowledge to enrich their academic and professional experience.
In 2017, I was selected for the U.S. Department State’s Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program to study in the University of Málaga in Spain.
As part of my application, I need to complete a Follow-Up project to promote the Scholarship at my home University once I comeback. My Follow-Up project consist in a two parts: a visual diary of my journey and a seminar about how to finance a study abroad.   
Visual Diary: 24 Sundays in Málaga 
24 Sunday is Málaga is the first part of my Follow-Up project for the International Scholarship Benjamin A. Gilman. This video is a visual diary where I collected audiovisual material every week for six months with the purpose to showcase the experience of study abroad and what processes takes to adapt yourself to a new culture. 
Seminar: How I finance my study abroad?
The second part of my Follow-Up project consist in execute a seminar in my home university about how to do your finances when you want to study or do a internship abroad. The seminar was divided in three stages: before, during and after the study abroad. I talk about what things are important to organize in your budget for each stage of the experience. I have a real talk with students where I show them how much money I spend, how I plan myself to get it and of course, how the Gilman Scholarship makes that possible.   
Also, I created a flyer and Facebook event to promote the seminar at the University of Puerto Rico - Campus.
All photos by: Sebastián Rivera Fuentes (2018).